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Real Joy Is More Precious Than Gold
Game Truth or Dare Questions and Tasks

Truth or Dare – 100 Provocative Questions and Tasks

The wickedest and at the same time funniest of all party games with 100 questions and tasks that will push some players to their limits... ;-)

With these 33 unusual birthday party ideas, your birthday will be unforgettable and legendary.

33 Extraordinary Birthday Party Ideas – Simply Unforgettable Celebration

Beach party, geocaching or hut party - here you will find our ideas for celebrating birthdays in a different way.

Scavenger hunt tasks for a special occasion- 2 girls outside

Scavenger Hunt Tasks for a Child's Birthday – 10 x Inspiration

10 original suggestions for types of tasks to modify and adapt, depending on the age of the children, motto of the scavenger hunt.

Filming a happy birthday video message with friends is easy with these tips and is sure to succeed

Happy Birthday Video Message – It's Really Easy! | Instructions & Tips

From the greeting text to the script - with these tips you can make your own creative birthday video!

5 ingenious birthday games for adults that are personal, funny, individual and surprising.

Best Birthday Games for Adults to Celebrate an Epic Party

Scavenger hunt, quiz or body swap - with these ideas even adults have childish fun on their anniversary.

Check out our theme party list for 111 ideas for themes for an awesome theme party!

Ultimate Theme Party List – 111 Brilliant Party Ideas

From the classic masquerade ball to gender swapping to the trash Trump party -111 mottos to celebrate.

Conundrums for kids are ideal as riddles at a children's birthday party

Conundrums for Kids – 100 Funny Riddles for Games and Rallies

These conundrums for children are great for incorporating as a task in a larger game such as a scavenger hunt or rally for a child's birthday party.

A personalised birthday quiz is a personalised birthday game for adults that makes the perfect birthday surprise for a birthday party with friends.

Personal Birthday Quiz – Fun Birthday Game for Someone Special

Learn how to write a custom personalized quiz for someone and prepare a fabulous surprise for their birthday.

Scavenger hunt clues are the heart of a good treasure hunt for adults

Scavenger Hunt Clues – Sophisticated Riddles, Puzzles & Tasks

The heart of every good scavenger hunt are exciting puzzles, clues and tasks. This is how you ensure originality and variety.

A 30th birthday surprise should be something unforgettable!

30th Birthday Surprise: 5 Unique Ideas For Ultimate Joy

Theme day or jailbreak? Surprise the birthday boy or girl in a very original way!

Alternatives to birtday parties - escape from the exit room with the room escape game

Alternatives to Birthday Parties - 5 Gorgous Ideas for Adults

Experience an adventure together on your birthday or do something really special: these exciting alternatives to birthday parties are great fun.

Birthday Puzzle for Adults - Surprised Jubilarian

Birthday Riddles for Adults: 5 Ideas for Cool Mind Boggling Puzzles

A great way to spice up a birthday gift is to create a personalized gift puzzle. Here are 5 suggestions how to do so.

Happy Birthday – Birthday Gift Ideas and Party Tips

Original, creative or practical – finding the right birthday gift for your partner is often not easy. While creative birthday gift ideas make the hearts of some beat faster, others can sometimes do little with it and are more happy about something practical. When the birthday of the partner is approaching, both man and woman are often faced with the same question: what is the other person most happy about and what is the perfect gift? Here, Abenteuer Freundschaft offers compilations and lists of birthday gift ideas to help find a nice present.

Also, couples usually plan the birthday party together and there is a lot of scope to give the partner an unexpected pleasure. Since one knows, how the partner plans its birthday party and which program it organizes offers itself the chance it with a special birthday gift to surprise: completely unexpectedly a surprise guest stands before the door, or one surprises the partner with a personal Schnitzeljagd or – rallye, with which the whole birthday company has joy. On Abenteuer Freundschaft you will find many original birthday gift ideas, how to enrich the birthday with a special experience.

The secret to finding the right gift for a loved one lies in carefully choosing the birthday gift and as good as always it personal reference to the birthday boy or girl stands out from all other gifts.

Creative and Personalized Birthday Gift Ideas

Made with love – in homemade gifts are creativity, time and the statement that you spare no thought and effort to give the other a great pleasure. Romantic love gifts are meant to show how much the other person means to you and the most beautiful birthday gift ideas convey this intimate message as a personalized gift.

Most love gift ideas on Abenteuer Freundschaft are not time consuming to make and for anyone who does not want to do it themselves, can easily personalize their gift with an engraving or imprint and make it a creative, unique birthday gift.

Special Experiences as Birthday Gift Ideas

Time for two is precious and special experiences that you undertake together remember for a lifetime – especially if they were given to you as a gift. If you’re planning a special experience for your birthday party as a surprise, you have a wealth of options. Creative minds can draw from the full here and surprise the birthday child and the birthday party with a rally, scavenger hunt for adults, fireworks with music, a show interlude and much more.

In addition, there are great experience gifts that involve no preparation and no organizational effort: from the event dinner or Dunkeldinner, to action-packed adventures such as skydiving, bungee jumping to the exciting Escape Room Game, where you solve puzzles in a team for an hour to fulfill a mission together.

The Leisure Idea Finder Abenteuer Freundschaft

The leisure portal Abenteuer Freundschaft includes a wide range of ideas for gift ideas and leisure activities with the people who are the most important in life: activities for two, with family and friends.

Since 2019, you can easily search for ideas in the Leisure Ideas Finder and have a wealth of ideas suggested for occasions, moods, weather conditions and seasons.

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