Fun, desirable and nasty bet ideas for friends that everyone wants to win

24. February 2024 - Anika Semmer

66 Bet Ideas for Friends Everyone Wants to Win


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The bet is on and the wager is so great, funny or nasty that the ambition to win the bet whips up the adrenaline. The fact is, for a really good bet, the wager is absolutely essential. Bet these 50 bet ideas for friends will bring the losers to the brink of despair, provide a crazy amount of laughter and make the winners scream out loud with joy?

Betting among friends is crazy fun – if it’s a good bet, where the winner is completely open and the bet is really attractive. The more the ambition is fueled in everyone who bets to win the bet (or yes not to lose) the more tension, fun and excitement is created. And, of course, the sheer luck of winning. So a good bet with an awesome wager has everything that makes a good game. The important thing is that the bet ideas for friends may strain or even stretch the comfort zone and they may be quite embarrassing – but the personal pain threshold of none of the fellow bettors, may be exceeded. So it must be okay for all who participate to redeem the betting debt. Because betting debts are debts of honor, that is, who loses, can shirk with no reason in the world to fulfill them.

What are the best bets? The answer is clear: the ones that everyone just wants to win – or definitely not lose on nasty bets. We’ve divided our bet ideas into desirable, funny and nasty bet ideas for friends for a better overview. Bet these harmless, super nasty and enormously funny bets will cause good mood, laughter and many a bead of sweat?

The bet is not with a friend but with your crush or your crush? Different exciting, romantic and tingling are these bets for couples!

What Is a Good Bet?

You can bet on just about anything. Betting that you don’t know all the lyrics to the song? Betting that Liverpool FC will win the soccer match? Bet that I can make you laugh in 3 minutes and you can’t stay serious? Top, the bet is on! And what are we betting now? What exactly are the rules? There are criteria you should use to choose what to bet on and what bets are particularly good, and here they come:

  1. If you already have a bet going and are looking for a wager, there is one absolutely essential criterion you should pay attention to for your proposal: The wager is fun – most of all for the winner!
  2. Wagering must be worthwhile! The best bets are funny and make you laugh. Okay, maybe not the loser in the situation itself, but afterwards they do. Many stories have happened in betting that friends are still telling each other decades later. Seen in this way, bets and good bets provide material for legends.
  3. Original funny bets will be remembered. It is important that just the diabolically nasty bet ideas for friends are okay for everyone. Everyone must be clear that you can lose – that makes the special charm and the thrill!
  4. The fun is in the foreground. Anything that is below the belt or exceeds the personal pain threshold is not a good bet.

The Best Funny, Nasty and Desirable Bet Ideas for Friends

Harmless bets sound boring at first reading – but they are not. By that I mean bet ideas for friends where you don’t have to leave your comfort zone, or only a little bit. At least, hardly in comparison with the diabolically nasty bets, where you scream with happiness as a winner and have to swallow sometimes as a loser. Also, most of the funny bets are not for the faint of heart or someone who is embarrassed by everything. But most of them definitely have what it takes to become an anecdote that you’ll all remember fondly.

Desirable Bets

  1. Invitation to the cinema
  2. Who loses, may not speak for a certain time about but only sing
  3. Invitation to go out for dinner
  4. Speak with an accent (English, Austrian, Swiss, or a dialect) all day
  5. The loser chooses an outfit that the winner has to wear for one day
  6. Invitation to the picnic
  7. The loser must speak in baby talk for a certain amount of time
  8. Pull a grimace, the winner takes a picture of it and the loser has to post the picture on a social media profile as a profile picture
  9. Dancing in front of a street musician (alone) playing music he likes
  10. The loser must drink a crazy drink that the winner mixes
  11. Wearing your clothes the wrong way all day
  12. The loser must eat something (extremely) spicy completely
  13. Whoever loses texts a lyric about the winner and raps it to the entire circle of friends
  14. The loser must distribute 3 items from his possession to the needy / beggars
  15. Whoever loses must give a whole day’s worth of a smartphone to the winner for safekeeping
  16. The loser invites the winner for a drink in the bar
  17. Bake a cake or pie of your choice for the winner
  18. A 30-minute massage
  19. The loser must do something for which he has already received compliments
  20. Run like Germany’s next topmodel on a catwalk once through the pedestrian zone
  21. The loser sends the winner a funny selfie every day for a month
  22. One evening or one night babysit the children of the winner
  23. Whoever loses must post an embarrassing child’s picture of themselves on social media
  24. Play the cleaning fairy for the winner for one day
  25. See through the photo gallery on your smartphone
  26. Drinking a shot glass full of pepper water
  27. Call someone the winner determines and wish them a Happy New Year
  28. Draw your dream woman / man and throw the portrait in his mailbox
  29. The winner determines something to drink and something to eat for the loser
  30. Whoever loses is allowed to speak only in rhyme for a certain amount of time (an hour, for example)

Funny Bets for Friends That Are Not for the Faint of Heart

  1. Buy a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes for the winner, which he has been dreaming about for a long time
  2. The loser buys a burger or kebab and eats it without using his hands
  3. The loser has to explain to someone complete stranger in the supermarket what true love is for him
  4. Suddenly in the middle of a mall or pedestrian zone perform a dance with headphones on
  5. The loser calls the last person he texted with and barks seductively, “Woof, woof, woof” and then hangs up
  6. Whoever loses has to do something he has never done before and film himself doing it
  7. Walk in the pedestrian zone to 5 people the winner picks and say “I love my ass”
  8. The loser has to buy something in a supermarket dressed as a superhero and offer his services to passers-by
  9. Cut hair and the winner determines the hairstyle at the hairdresser
  10. Acting like James Bond or an FBI agent and pretending to chase a gangster in the supermarket with a banana for a gun
  11. At a party or in the club, the loser must laugh out loud and dance at the same time
  12. Ring the doorbell of 4 strangers and talk to them about God
  13. Sing a 90s song in front of friends
  14. Write a poem with 8 words given by the winner and recite it to him
  15. Post on Instagram or TikTok that you’re engaged
  16. Flirt with a person chosen by the winner
  17. The loser shouts the first word that comes into your head out loud while walking through the pedestrian zone, whenever you see an animal (pigeon, dog, cat, etc.)
  18. Whenever the winner says it, the loser grimaces
  19. Wear the same socks for a whole week
  20. In the summer, walk around town in a Santa Claus costume and hand out apples, nuts and candy to people from a sack
  21. Ban words that the loser is no longer allowed to say for a certain time
  22. The loser recites all the swear words he knows one after the other in 20 seconds

Nasty Bet Ideas for Friends Who Are Really Diabolical

  1. Whoever loses must show the winner a picture of himself that he is ashamed of
  2. The loser only has to ring someone’s bell in his underwear and ask for two eggs
  3. The loser must jog in underwear a round through the place / the park
  4. The loser must either shave his head bald or dye his hair colorful
  5. Take a selfie sitting on the toilet and post it
  6. Calling the ex boyfriend / girlfriend
  7. Whoever loses has to say yes to everything for a day and do it
  8. Read out the most embarrassing flirt messages
  9. In the supermarket, the loser must pretend to have an imaginary friend and talk about personal and intimate topics all the time
  10. Whoever loses must show their search history on Google
  11. Call anyone and break up with the person
  12. The loser has to stand in the pedestrian zone and sing songs until someone throws a coin into his hat
  13. Whoever loses gets a (washable) tattoo on a visible spot on his body
  14. One day play the opposite sex: with makeup, heels, skirt or mustache, etc.

Have fun with your bet!

Have you heard of this question game for friends where secrets are revealed and have you ever played an exit game at home? Bet you’ll find even more ideas on our blog for board games and activities with friends, as well as for couples or for the whole family? Life is too short for boredom! Use the time with your favorite people and do something new!

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