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Berlin Indoor Activities That You Have to Experience

There is a huge selection of pub quizzes in Berlin. We give you 5 recommendations for best Pub Quiz Berlin.

Pub Quiz Berlin – The 5 Favorite Bar Quizzes of Two Berliners

These are our self-tested favourites for going quizzing in Berlin.

Karting on the kart track in Berlin at Kart Eventcenter Spielmann

Almost Like Mariokart! The E-Kart Track in Berlin at Kart Eventcenter Spielmann | Test

We were at the electric kart track in Berlin at Eventcenter Spielmann and put the e-power runabouts through their paces. Here is our report!

Blacklight Minigolf at Dockx

Blacklight Minigolf at Dockx - Playing Minigolf in Berlin

A neon-lit fantasy world with mini-golfers in the middle. That's what awaits you at Dockx.

This is what to expect at the Exit Room Prison 13 at Escape Berlin

Exit Game Prison 13 at Escape Berlin - Escape From High-Security Jail

Bunk beds and barred windows - a prison is truly not a cosy place. That was all the more motivation for us to break out of this Escape Room as quickly as possible!

Alien Grill at Illuminati Escape is a challenging exit room with specially designed puzzles.

Radiating Fun at the Alien Grill at Illuminati Escape | Event Review

An abandoned diner in the middle of the Nevada desert. The mission: thwart the world domination of the Illuminati! Find out here whether you can expect an extraterrestrial experience at the Alien Grill.

The Escape Room The Bomb by Exit the Room Berlin

Escape Room the Bomb - Save the World and Prevent World War 3

A bunker in the cold war. The mission: Defuse the bomb and save humanity! Find out here what to expect in this Escape Game.

Labyrintoom Cube's Cabinet the mysterious Escape Room in Berlin

Labyrintoom Cube’s Cabinet – Maddening Emptiness in a Futuristic Berlin Exit Room

An empty, white room full of secrets! The clock is ticking. Who will manage to escape from this Kafkaesque science fiction scenario in 60 minutes?

Escape Game Ski Hut at Cat in the bag in Berlin

Escape Room Ski Hut at Cat in the Bag in Berlin - A Wintry Fairytale

This mysterious hut is full of riddles. In the flickering semi-darkness, you will dive into a wintry fairytale world full of surprises.

Underground Lasergame Berlin - radioactively contaminated Indoor game

Underground Lasergame Berlin – Lasertag in a Real Bunker

Is a battle in the largest underground laser tag area in Germany worth it? That is the result of our experience test.

In the Escape Room Liquor Store at Escape Berlin, you can have a lot of fun playing the Escape Game.

Party Escape Room Liquor Store – Break-in in a Berlin Exit Room Full of Booze

After this Berlin Escape Room, it's not only the puzzles that make your head spin. A boozer reports.

Like Jackpot at Illuminati Escape in Berlin, all Escape Rooms are thematically linked to each other

Get the Jackpot at Illuminati Escape in Berlin: Adventure in Macau

Take on the Illuminati in the Casino Jackpot at Illuminati Escape in Berlin!

Alice in Smartland at the White Rabbits Tea Party

Alice in Smartland - In the Wonderland of Smartroom Berlin

Brightly coloured, challenging and Cheshire Cat-crazy - this is how you dive into the world of Alice in Wonderland in this Escape Game.

Adventure and Action at Berlin Indoor Activities

Every Berliner knows it: it’s bad weather outside and going out now is anything but tempting. But adventure, excitement and many great leisure activities can also be experienced indoors and under cover doing Berlin indoor activities.

The leisure ideas portal Abenteuer Freundschaft offers tips and ideas for Berlin indoor activities that are the ideal contrast to grey skies and rainy weather.

In numerous Escape Rooms in Berlin you can experience exciting indoor adventures with friends or generally in a group and immerse yourself in another world, be it Alice’s Wonderland, the divided Berlin just before the fall of the Wall, the ruins of a hipster escape party or even a secret hideout of the Illuminati.

If you like even more action, you should definitely try out one of the laser tag arenas in Berlin and let off steam. Or race on the go-kart track or scramble in one of the indoor climbing parks.

At Abenteuer Freundschaft, experience testers report in authentic test reports on how they liked an Escape Game or one of the other group activities in Berlin. In this way, readers can get a good impression of which of the Berlin indoor activities is best suited to them or whether it is of interest to them.

Cultural Offers and Special Events in and Around Berlin

Berlin is rich in museums and exhibitions and with the Museum Challenge by Abenteuer Freundschaft, a visit here becomes a unique playful exploration trip.

In addition, new interesting cultural events are constantly taking place in Berlin, such as the Comic Invasion comic festival or the temporary street art mass collaboration The House, and Abenteuer Freundschaft reports on worthwhile indoor events in Berlin.

The Leisure Ideas Finder Abenteuer Freundschaft

Abenteuer Freundschaft is not just about ideas for Berlin indoor activities. A large part of the ideas on this website are location-independent and include leisure ideas for activities with friends, activities for two and activities with children. With the Leisure Ideas Finder implemented since the beginning of 2019, a multi-part search mask with filters, Adventure Friendship offers the possibility to search for the right idea, adapted to the occasion, the season, the weather or simply desire and mood.

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