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Berlin Birthday – Celebrate Your Birthday in the Capital of Excitement

Underground Lasergame Berlin - radioactively contaminated Indoor game

Underground Lasergame Berlin – Lasertag in a Real Bunker

Is a battle in the largest underground laser tag area in Germany worth it? That is the result of our experience test.

Karting on the kart track in Berlin at Kart Eventcenter Spielmann

Almost Like Mariokart! The E-Kart Track in Berlin at Kart Eventcenter Spielmann | Test

We were at the electric kart track in Berlin at Eventcenter Spielmann and put the e-power runabouts through their paces. Here is our report!

Play lasertag at Lasertag Berlin in Berlin Neukölln

Playing Lasertag at Laserstar Berlin - Action-Packed Missions at the Arena

Is playing laser tag at Laserstar Berlin worth it? Read our experience test report!

The Tear Down This Wall Escape Room is Escape Game about the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Tear Down This Wall! - Escape Room About a Milestone of German History

In this exit game you slip into the role of East German BND agents. Your not entirely insignificant mission: to bring about the fall of the Wall!

We had a lot of fun when playing lasertag at Lasertec Berlin

Lasertag at Lasertec Berlin - What Can You Expect There?

Heart racing in the semi-darkness. Adrenalin pumps through the body. Who will catch who first? Laser tag is an action sport par excellence!

Escape Room Cyber Attack at Illuminati Berlin - The hunt for the cube-shaped quantum computer

Cyber Attack at Illuminati Berlin: Fight the Illuminati!

Fight as secret agents against the nasty Illuminati hackers and prevent their world domination!

What to expect at Space Escape Berlin

Space Escape Berlin - Blow Up the Asteroid and Save the World

This Exit Room is a spaceship and you start a space adventure with an important mission: to save the Earth!

On Valentine's Day in Berlin there are many possibilities for romantic activities

Valentine’s Day in Berlin - 10 Tips for Romance in the Capital City

A Berliner reveals which places and excursions are his insider tips for soulful moments in the capital city of Germany.

In the Escape Room Liquor Store at Escape Berlin, you can have a lot of fun playing the Escape Game.

Party Escape Room Liquor Store – Break-in in a Berlin Exit Room Full of Booze

After this Berlin Escape Room, it's not only the puzzles that make your head spin. A boozer reports.

Blacklight Minigolf at Dockx

Blacklight Minigolf at Dockx - Playing Minigolf in Berlin

A neon-lit fantasy world with mini-golfers in the middle. That's what awaits you at Dockx.

Celebrate Your birthday in Berlin – Tips & Ideas

Berlin, Berlin, you are so wonderful! Sometimes advertising slogans have just auich a kernel of truth. At least when it comes to the topic of celebrations and parties, probably no one would deny the metropolis on the Spree their legendary offer. So it’s hardly surprising that Berlin has been internationally regarded as the unofficial party capital of the world for years. So celebrating your birthday in Berlin is anything but a bad idea!

All non-Berliners can then combine their birthday with a trip to the capital and for Berliners, well, for Berliners it is somehow obvious to celebrate their birthday in Berlin…

But what is there to celebrate a birthday in Berlin still to report, lists with the best clubs or online guides, how to get allegedly in the Berghain or not, there are but already enough.

Right! But here on Adventure Friendship we give tips of a completely different kind, what you can also still do everything on his birthday in Berlin!

The special birthday action

After all, it does not always have to be the birthday party that makes the birthday the purest celebration. An unusual action such as a visit to one of the many escape rooms in Berlin or a sporting challenge such as playing laser tag, karting or climbing in a Indoor Climbing Park or Forest High Ropes Course are just a few of the many leisure activities with which you can make a birthday in Berlin a special event that will be remembered for a long time.

If you want to get to know the city from a different perspective on your birthday, you can, for example, take a guided canoe tour along the Landwehr Canal and the Spree River or take a bird’s eye view of the city from the TV tower at Alexanderplatz or from Teufelsberg.

The Leisure Ideas Finder Adventure Friendship

Adventure Friendship offers a wide collection of ideas for leisure activities and gifts. The focus is always on the special relationship with the people you care about most, so we offer ideas for activities with friends, partner and family.

To simplify the search for the right idea, the Leisure Ideas Finder has been available since the beginning of 2019. With this multi-part search mask, you can search for the right ideas depending on your interest, state of mind, occasion, season or weather conditions.

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