Berlin Activities That Make the Heart Beat Faster

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Recommendations for Berlin Activities

The ideas portal Abenteuer Freundschaft contains many tips for Berlin activities and other things to do in Berlin.

There is a wealth of action-packed leisure activities and Berlin activities to discover on our website. More than 100 years ago, the saying at the Sunday family table in Berlin was: we’re going out to the countryside!

And often you don’t even have to travel far or pay anything to do so, because Berlin is rich in great parks like the Britzer Gärten, botanical gardens as well as zoos and animal parks that are easily accessible by bike or public transport.

Berlin also has a wide range of beautiful bodies of water, such as the rivers Spree and Havel, the Landwehrkanal or the many lakes in and outside the city. Some of the best Berlin activities include boat trips by canoe, rowing boat or motorboat, or swimming trips to one of the many beaches.

Action-packed Berlin Activities

Those who are looking for action-packed activities and want to know if an experience is right for them will also find what they are looking for at Abenteuer Freundschaft. On a regular basis, Abenteuer Freundschaft publishes authentic experience reports about activities in Berlin, which should help our readers to get an idea of whether this excursion tip and provider is the right one for them. Whether it’s karting, laser tag or playing escape rooms in Berlin, going climbing, kayaking – there’s a lot to discover on the Abenteuer Freundschaft leisure portal!

Experience Tester at Abenteuer Freundschaft

Only those who try out an experience themselves can write about it really well and authentically. Our experience testers try out specific activities in Berlin themselves. Most of the adventure tests we publish about group activities include the opinions of several adventure testers, which we evaluate after the experience in order to create a picture that is as coherent as possible.

The Leisure Ideas Finder Abenteuer Freundschaft

The ideas for Berlin activities are only a selection of all the leisure ideas on Abenteuer Freundschaft. Most of the ideas for leisure activities with friends, family or partners are currently not location-specific. In the long term, however, the offer is to be expanded to include tips for excursions throughout Germany. Since the beginning of 2019, Abenteuer Freundschaft has had the Leisure Ideas Finder, the multi-part search mask for finding suitable ideas for every occasion and every mood.

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