Bachelor Party Berlin – The Best Ideas for the Capital!

Fun Chuck Norris drinking game

Chuck Norris Drinking Game - How to Play Roundhouse Kick | Game Rules

Chuck Norris doesn't play, he wins! Are you emulating him, or will you be under the table after the first round of this drinking game?

The What do you Meme? game is a popular party game with cards

What Do You Meme? Game - How Is Your Sense of Humour? | Review

The cult party game on the social media phenomenon meme. If your sense of humour is so black that it paints itself black after working in a coal mine, then you should definitely read on.

Alien Grill at Illuminati Escape is a challenging exit room with specially designed puzzles.

Radiating Fun at the Alien Grill at Illuminati Escape | Event Review

An abandoned diner in the middle of the Nevada desert. The mission: thwart the world domination of the Illuminati! Find out here whether you can expect an extraterrestrial experience at the Alien Grill.

This is what to expect at the Exit Room Prison 13 at Escape Berlin

Exit Game Prison 13 at Escape Berlin - Escape From High-Security Jail

Bunk beds and barred windows - a prison is truly not a cosy place. That was all the more motivation for us to break out of this Escape Room as quickly as possible!

How much fun is iCombat Tactical at Laser Game Berlin at Spaceship Schöneweide

iCombat Tactical at Lasergame Berlin – Is the Most Realistic Lasertag System Worth Testing?

We tested the iCombat Tactical system at Lasergame Berlin, the most realistic laser tag in the world! Find out who it's worth it for and what to expect here.

Lasergame Berlin at Charlottenburg - classic lasertag in action

Lasergame Berlin at Charlottenburg – What to Expect there

Strategic play, fast-paced action, exciting team battles - at Lasergame Berlin we tested various systems and games. Read here what we liked best!

Bachelorette Belly Tray Filling ideas

Bachelorette Belly Tray Filling – 30 Ingenious Ideas

The belly tray is a classic at a German Bachelorette: it's fun and boosts the Bachelorette coffers. But it's also important to fill it with the right stuff!

Ingenious ideas for the Bachelor party belly tray for men

Bachelor Party Belly Tray for Men – Ingenious Ideas for the Filling

Haggling, flirting and taking on fun tasks for cash, what needs to go into the Bachelor party belly tray at a Bachelor Party for Men maximum fun?

The Bachelorette game Swap high is huge fun

Bachelorette Game Swap High - Big Fun For the Hen Party

At a successful Bachelorette party tasks and funny games provide good entertainment and lots of fun. Here we explain the game "Swap up" and other hen party games.

Tutorial on how to male a heart pinata

How to Make a Heart Piñata With Cardboard |Tutorial

Whether as a beautiful wedding event or a romantic surprise - the step-by-step instructions for making a heart piñata.

Underground Lasergame Berlin - radioactively contaminated Indoor game

Underground Lasergame Berlin – Lasertag in a Real Bunker

Is a battle in the largest underground laser tag area in Germany worth it? That is the result of our experience test.

Funny bachelor party games

Bachelor Party Games - 10 Most Funny Tasks and Games

These funny Bachelor party games and tasks are guaranteed to make for a memorable stag party!

Bachelor Party Berlin – Celebration Ideas for Germanys Capital

Goodbye single time! The bachelor party is for some brides and grooms the last opportunity to really let off steam in the style of the movie Hangover. Crazy games, funny costumes that somehow fit, but above all are wonderfully embarrassing, a noisy and good-humored troop of girlfriends or friends and off we go to the city. For a Bachelor Party, the capital is an almost ideal place, because for a bachelor party Berlin are not only almost unlimited possibilities to go celebrate in consideration, there is also a wide range of ideas for special actions!

Of course, it is in the hands of the groomsmen and the Bachelorette participants to ensure that the farewell to singlehood is perfect. Therefore, when planning for a Berlin bachelor party should in any case take into account what the bride or groom like and what they probably have fun.

Special Bachelor Ideas in Berlin for Events

Your “Bachelor party Berlin” should not only consist of embarrassing games and a purest drinking binge? No problem! In Berlin there is a wide range of very different leisure activities that are just perfect for a Bachelorette in Berlin.

Here at Abenteuer Freundschaft you can find inspiration in our experience reports about suitable escape games, laser tag arenas, indoor and outdoor mini golf, go-karting, indoor and outdoor climbing parks and other leisure attractions in Berlin.

An exciting live Escape Room is about solving tricky puzzles and tasks in a team, finding clues and completing a mission in 60 minutes, mostly, finding your way out again. Some of the Berlin Escape Rooms such as Schnapsladen or Hipster Escape are quite suitable for a bachelor party Berlin.

Alternatively, you can explore the metropolis on the Spree River during a special Bachelorette scavenger hunt, which you can either prepare yourself or book.

The Leisure Ideas Finder Abenteuer Freundschaft

Currently, most of the ideas for leisure activities at Abenteuer Freundschaft are not location-based. But just the region of Berlin and its surroundings, there are already quite a few concrete regional Berlin activities, which are perfect for a bachelor party in Berlin. In the long term, we plan to expand our offer to include ideas for all regions of Germany.

The Leisure Ideas Finder, a multi-part search mask offers since the beginning of 2019 the opportunity to find the right ideas for activities with friends, the partner and the family on Abenteuer Freundschaft for every day and occasion.

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