Bachelor party activities don't have to be embarrassing

20. July 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

10 Bachelor Party Activities, That Won't Embarrass Anyone


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A hen or stag party doesn’t have to mean pure embarrassment. These 10 Bachelor party activities make for a lot of fun and are (almost) not embarrassing at all! ?

The Bachelor party – whether it’s for him or her, for most the term immediately conjures up images of garish costumes, devilish drinking games and ultra-awkward tasks. And all this can be super funny if the bride or groom is up for such fun! Here’s a best of funny Bachelor party games.

However, being really shameless isn’t for everyone and of course no maid of honour in the world wants to seriously upset the bride or groom at the bachelor party. After all, it should be great fun for everyone and he or she should remember the Bachelor party positively for a long time to come.

Where the shame threshold lies is different for each person and a good maid of honour or best man can assess this with the bride/groom. In addition, there are many Bachelor party activities that are funny, but not at all embarrassing. Or at most a very little bit…

10 Bachelor Party Activities That Won’t Embarrass Anyone

1. Scavenger Hunt or City Rally

Among the most popular Bachelor party games are scavenger hunts, because these involve the whole group out and about and the bride or groom can do lots of different tasks. If you’re organising a scavenger hunt yourself, you can find lots of creative tips in our 3-part series of articles with tips and creative ideas for a scavenger hunt for adults.

City rallies specially tailored to a Bachelor party are also particularly popular. We recently took part in such a Bachelor party Fun Tour in Heidelberg at a friend’s Bachelor party.

2. Special Gourmet Breakfast

The Bachelor party usually comes in the form of a special surprise. Bride or groom only knows the date, sometimes even that remains a secret. How about starting the JGA with a great joint gourmet breakfast?

Whether it’s macarons and croissants in a French café, sparkling wine and delicacies on the maid of honour’s private roof terrace, or a picnic brunch somewhere outdoors in the summer… A great breakfast is a good way to start the Bachelor party in a good mood. And you have created a good basis for possible drinks with percentages later on.

3. Wellness Programme

The Bachelor party is also about celebrating being single without a spouse, i.e. having a good time. A variant that probably appeals more to bachelorettes than to bachelors (but who knows?) is an extensive wellness programme.

In the USA, one of the most popular Bachelor party activities for women is to enjoy pure relaxation with their girlfriends before the “Hen’s Night”: Whirlpool, sauna, cucumber mask and of course a soothing massage. (Her future husband doesn’t need to know how sexy the masseur is…).

4. An Action or Adventure Event as Bachelor Party Actiovities

Whether a woman or a man, making the decision to enter into marriage is a real gamble and requires courage. So that she/he doesn’t get shaky knees at the altar, it’s a good idea to train your courage right at the Bachelor party.
Whether it’s a rafting tour, a fast-paced go-kart race or even a bungee jump – action-packed experiences are very popular (for both sexes, by the way) as Bachelor party activities. And rightly so, in my opinion. One of my most memorable experiences at a Bachelor party was a rafting trip down the Isar river.

5. Driving a Limo and Indulging in Luxury

Once in your life you want to be a celebrity and drive up in a limo? The Bachelor party is a good opportunity to make this dream come true for the bride or groom. It’s best if everyone wears really smart clothes and the chilled bottle of champagne is of course also a must. After all, you don’t treat yourself to anything else and the marriage will be rocky enough ? .

6. Lingerie or Sextoy Party at Home

Also more popular with ladies: a sale party at home with sexy lingerie and/or sex toys. After all, the best way to be prepared for a long marriage is to have all the erotic tricks and a few surprises in store….

7. Draw a Love Message to the Bridegroom(s) On the Street With Chalk and Take a Photo

Let’s move on to the just a little bit embarrassing Bachelor party activities. Surely one of the most romantic tasks for a bachelor or bachelorette is to write or paint a huge love message for their intended in colourful chalk on the street and then photograph it accordingly.

Tip: only do this on unpaved roads or in the pedestrian zone.

8. Belly Tray Sale

It’s an absolute classic, but not without reason! Venturing out onto the street with a hawker’s tray full of booze, sweets and odds and ends has become almost standard at Bachelor party, at least those for women.

A positive side effect is that it also brings in a bit of change for the wedding coffers!

9. Collecting Advice for a Good Marriage

An almost romantic Bachelor party task is for the bride or groom to approach couples on the street to ask for tips for a good marriage. For this, a certain number can also be set as a target, e.g. 10 tips to be collected.

10. Speakers Corner: Making a Speech in Public

Last but not least, the one of the Bachelor party activities most likely to make the bride or groom blush. You give a topic and she or he has to give a public speech on it.

It’s best to choose a good spot in advance where there is a lot of foot traffic. Of course, the more absurd the topic, the funnier the task. You could also each write a topic on a piece of paper and the bride or groom has to draw one.

Wonderfully absurd themes could be: “Make a plea for equal rights for aliens”, “Demand free ketchup fountains in every city”, “Promote a skin cream that makes you older” etc.

Whatever you do at the next Bachelor party you’re involved in, we hope you have fun doing it!

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Image source Cover photo: Paris Bachelorette by misscatlo at CC BY 2.0

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