Alice in Smartland at the White Rabbits Tea Party

10. June 2018 - Anika Semmer

Alice in Smartland - In the Wonderland of Smartroom Berlin


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Colourful, challenging and cheshire-cat-crazy dive into the world of Alice in Wonderland for a mission that you can only solve in your dreams: We tested the Alice in Smartland Escape Room from Smartroom Berlin.

What to do when you are suddenly trapped in Alice’s dream and only have 60 minutes to make sure that Alice in Wonderland – pardon Smartland – wakes up? Logical: shrink and grow with Alice, solve fantastic puzzles, think upside down and search upside down! Because where nonsense is logic and logic is anything but nonsense, 60 minutes passes like a dream and many a white rabbit catches himself saying, “Oh dear, Oh dear! I’m going to be late!”

The theme of this Escape Game is, of course, the classic children’s book Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Those who know and love the book or the books or film adaptations will recognise many things – but it is not a prerequisite to know Alice’s stories in order to play Alice in Smartland at Smartroom Berlin.

Smartroom Berlin: Alice in Smartland - The White Rabbit

Always in a hurry, the White Rabbit…

Note on transparency: We were kindly allowed to play Alice in Smartland at Smartroom Berlin for free. However, we are not paid for it and this experience report reflects our honest opinion.

The Live Escape Game Testers

Five of us played Alice in Smartland in a mixed group of 4 men and me: so I was the queen of hearts, so to speak, and kept an eye on the clock to call in time: Time up, head down! Each of us knew at least the Disney adaptation of Alice in Wonderland and I was not the only Alice in Wonderland fan.

Apart from 3 Escape Gamers who had already played at least a dozen Live Escape Games, there were two relative newcomers with 1 and 4 Escape Rooms played so far. We harmonised quite well and split up into teams of two or three for almost all the puzzles – and that was also necessary to get through in time.


Wake up Alice! Trapped in Alice’s Dream in Smartland

Smartroom Berlin - Welcome to Alice in Smartland

The portal to Wonderland

As soon as the door closed behind us, we were plunged into the surreal world Alice had created: for we found ourselves in her dream! Our mission: to wake Alice up and get out of her dream world again (even if some people might not want to do that so quickly).
As with all Escape Games, you have exactly 60 minutes to complete the task – and we could hear the time ticking loudly at some point, because the puzzles and tasks are challenging and the room is demanding. Our game leader also kept an eye on the clock and helped us with hints via walkie talkie if we took too long for a task.

We tried out all kinds of logical and illogical ideas, knotted our brains in many a puzzle, sometimes had to use both hands, make ourselves small, try out other angles, trust our senses and thus penetrated deeper and deeper into Alice’s dream, in search of the key back to the real world.

Towards the end, we ran out of time and unfortunately didn’t manage to have another cup of tea with the Mad Hatter, but literally woke Alice up in the last minute of our Live Escape Game adventure at Smartroom Berlin.

The Puzzles and Tasks in Alice in Smartland

Tea party at Alice in Smartland

At the tea party of the March Hare and Mad Hatter

You don’t have to be an Alice in Wonderland crack to solve the riddles and tasks. But any connoisseur of Alice’s story will be pleased to know some of the motifs of the puzzles and the nature of the puzzles in Smartland.

Really good Escape Games have a strong theme and create a world of their own, with tasks that support the atmosphere and, like the hat, fit the Hatter and give it its own flavour. This means that you don’t enter new territory mentally with Alice in Smartland, but you have to think differently from time to time than, for example, with “classic” number puzzles.

In Alice in Smartland at Smartroom Berlin, the big theme is Alice’s fantastic dream world, which, just like a real dream, does not function according to the logical laws of the real world but is nevertheless logical in itself. For the puzzles and tasks, this means that even experienced escape gamers will encounter special puzzles here that (to my knowledge) cannot be found anywhere else in Berlin.

Some puzzles are quite complex and you have to combine several trains of thought to reach the solution. In addition, there are also simpler tasks that are intuitive and playful. Overall, Smartroom Berlin offers an eclectic mix of different tasks in this Escape Game that challenge the senses, creativity, brains and sometimes even skill.

In terms of difficulty, Alice im Smartland is also suitable for young people, although I consider the Escape Game to be challenging. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if one or two children are ahead of the adults here.

Equipment and Atmosphere in Alice in Smartland

The Cheshire Cat in Smartland

I wonder what the Cheshire Cat is trying to tell us

Alice’s dream world is colourful, flooded with light, friendly and very lovingly furnished. Many secrets are waiting to be discovered, and not just in locked chests. The Cheshire Cat watches you from a tree, grinning broadly. But nothing is nightmarish in this version of Alice in Wonderland – even the heartless Queen of Hearts looks at us sullenly from pictures on the walls, but that’s about it.

The deeper one penetrates into Alice’s dream world, the more there is to discover and marvel at. It’s a bit as if a happiness-spraying painter had hung a lot of paint pots around himself and used only rich colours for objects and props, hiding a lot of surreal and playful surprises that you only discover bit by bit.

Our Conclusion

Alice in Smartland - Winning Photo

Finally we made it! – Our team in Smartroom Berlin

In Alice in Smartland’s dream, it’s all about using your senses together, looking closely, searching and discovering, thinking logically yet creatively, being clever and resourceful, and embarking on a truly dreamlike adventure together.

“A fantastic journey back to childhood!” – Paul, 34

In this Live Escape Game by Smartroom Berlin, the focus is less on suspense, surprise moments and effects, but rather on literally diving into a fantastic world in which some things work differently than in the real world.

The journey through Alice’s dream world to find the key to wake her up is not easy, however, but rather quite demanding and peppered with varied tasks, brain games and puzzles.

Compared to other Escape Games, such as Da Vinci’s Cabinet or Jackpot, which we also liked enormously, confirmed once again what for us makes a consistently successful Escape Game: that it is thematically coherent, somehow stands out as special and unique and is simply well-rounded, from the equipment to the design of the tasks and puzzles.

We can absolutely recommend Alice im Smartland without reservation and are already looking forward to playing more Escape Games from the provider Smartroom Berlin!


A dreamlike adventure in a beautifully atmospheric setting that offers an hour of challenging puzzling and lots of fun. Also suitable for families!

Alice in Smartland at Smartroom Berlin – Facts

  • Website:
  • Address: Smartroom Berlin, Nöldnerstr. 1, 10317 Berlin
  • Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 9am – 9pm
  • Phone: 0172 4142209
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Number of players: 2 – 7
  • Playing time: 60 min
  • Price: € 85 ,00- 95,00 for a group of up to 5 people depending on the day of the week, each additional person € 10 surcharge

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