Bring excitement, surprise and psychological play to your party with the agent game.

29. September 2016 - Anika Semmer

Agent Game – Spies and Murderers at Your Thrilling Party | Game Rules


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A spy operation to start the party: with this exciting agent game, inhibitions will drop in no time and all the guests will start talking. At the latest with the big bugging scandal your party will be unforgettable!

Party games lighten up the mood, get people talking and bring action to the party. Many of your guests don’t know each other? Then the agent game is the perfect way to prevent the formation of groups, break inhibitions and provide a funny topic of conversation. With our agent game, you can lighten the atmosphere at a house party or large celebration right from the start and fun is guaranteed!

Spies Undercover at the Agent Game

In this party game, rival double agents and an agent hitman have snuck into the party. However, the top agents of the CIA and Her Royal Majesty’s Secret Service don’t know who is an agent and who isn’t and are unaware of the competition. Their secret mission: to spy and find out as much as possible about the individual guests and record it unnoticed by mobile phone.

The mission killer tries to identify as many spies as possible – he is allowed to eliminate perfectly recognised spies. Thus, the agents have to spy as unnoticed and inconspicuous as possible. Of course, their cover is blown at the desired time, the contract killer causes a surprise and every party guest benefits from the mysterious happenings and the secret knowledge of the top agents.

How to Play the Agent Game: Spies, Secrets and a Killer

  • Players: 6-100
  • Duration: 20 min. – 1 h, depending on the number of party guests

Material checklist:

  • Notepad
  • Printout of the instructions for the spies
  • Black sharpie
  • Opaque bag
  • Smartphones
  • List of interview questions
  • Agent identification marks (e.g. olives and cocktail sticks)
  • Laptop + stereo to play
  • Optional: Prize for the winners

Skills required: Rhetoric, poker face, attention

The host is also the game leader and the only one at the party who knows what is going on. To keep things exciting for him, he does not know during the party which spy belongs to which organisation and who the contract killer is. About ⅓ of the party guests are CIA agents, ⅓ spy for Her Royal Majesty’s Secret Service, one is a contract killer and the remaining guests are interesting targets of the operation.

Preparation for the Agent Game

With small cards, guests are randomly assigned their roles in the agent game

Cards for the agent game

In the run-up to the party, the game leader prepares cards for 2/3 of the party guests for the agent game. ⅓ of the cards are labelled with ”CIA agent” and ⅓ with ”agent 007, agent 006, agent 005 etc.”. He labels another small card with ”Agent“. So if he expects a total of 30 guests, 10 of them are CIA agents, 10 are spies of Her Royal Majesty, one is the assassin and the 9 unknowing guests are the targets of the rival operations..

In addition, he prepares a identifying mark for each secret service. For example, all 00-ers agents mark an olive in the drink. He places the olives openly next to the drinks – ideally next to a bottle of martini- and marks the 00-er agents’ cards with the word ”olive”. The identification mark of the CIA agents in the agent game could be a cocktail umbrella in the drink. The game leader also deposits the cocktail umbrellas with the drinks – for example, next to a punch and labels the CIA cards with ”Cocktail umbrella”. The contract killer’s card also contains information on what his job is.

To help the spy novices, the game leader prepares a list of questions. The aim of the spies is to find out the best information about the targets in the conversation without being noticed. The more inconspicuous and natural, the better.

Questions to Spy On

  • How do you know …. (the host)?
  • How do you imagine your life after this celebration?
  • What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you?

The Spying, Murdering and Guesswork Begins

The Spies

Before the first guest arrives, the game leader folds the labelled slips of paper (CIA, 00s and hitmen) and throws them into an opaque bag, which he deposits next to the entrance door or at the guest reception. He also puts a sharpie on the table or a place of his choice that the hitman can easily find, and adds the location to the spies’ game instructions..

Every 3rd guest gets a folded card from him and he asks not to tell him what is written on it under any circumstances. The host gives the guest a printout of the following information for the game to read through:.

”We are playing a spy game – but almost no one here knows about that! You are a spy and have a secret mission during this party. Find out as much interesting information about the target person as you can without being noticed. Ask her questions and try to find out interesting details during the conversation.

Record these with the dictaphone on your smartphone – the best way is to leave it in your pocket and press the record button unnoticed. You collect the most valuable (funniest, most exciting, most interesting) information. There are other spies here – if you find out which spy belongs to your organisation, you may also coordinate with him and you divide up the targets. But don’t wear your identification badge openly all the time, only show it when you are sure you have found a colleague. A sharpie is ready at ….. You can start spying at … o’clock!

Attention: Stay unnoticed and inconspicuous, this must have top priority! If someone exposes you as a spy, then the mission is over for you!”

The Hitman

The hitman’s card must definitely state what his task is in this game:

Mission: Expose the spies. Take 100% sure spies unnoticed to the side in a neighbouring room, tell them that you are the hitman and that you will kill them now. In return, they should dramatically fall down in the middle of the party. The spy’s mission is over with his death. (You mark killed spies with a x on your wrist.)”.

The x or ”death mark” is not a must – but at the latest when several party guests are walking around with an x on their wrist, the guesswork and suspense about what is going on here naturally increases among the unknowing targets. The top spies naturally become suspicious at the latest then and suspect that they don’t know all the rules of the game!

The Spy Game Is On

At a fixed time, when at least ⅓- ½ of the party guests have appeared, the spies and the hitman begin their work. The time must be given to each spy in the instructions for the agents!

As the game leader, you know more than everyone else and have the privilege of feasting your eyes on their efforts and making guesses as to who the hitman is. Since the olives and cocktail umbrellas are open in the kitchen all the time and anyone can help themselves – including the enemy spies, the hitman and the targets – these identification signs are not definite clues. So it is not at all easy for the spies to find out who belongs to his organisation and to collude.

Meanwhile, during theagent game, party guests keep falling over and causing amusement, irritation and conversation. As the game progresses, the remaining spies will thus proceed more and more carefully and thus keep the game exciting.

End of Spying

The spy game can end in several ways:


At some point, the targets try to figure out what is going on. If they actually manage to guess that they are being spied on and there are spies on the loose here, they unmask the spies and their operation is over.

Turn Off

When the assassin has unmasked and assassinated all the spies, the espionage is over. The game master should therefore keep track of how many guests already bear the death mark.


The game master can end the espionage at any time. Depending on the number of guests having fun and how the game develops, experience shows that it takes between 20 minutes and 2 hours.

The Big Unmasking

At the latest during the big unmasking, when the game leader announces that an agent game took place here and spies have gathered spicy details and a contract killer was on the way, every guest will want to know more. To do this, he calls all the guests together and asks all the spies to give up their camouflage.

All Her Majesty’s spies are to gather on his right, all CIA agents on his left. The contract killer stands next to him in the middle. Now, depending on the number of spies, both spy organisations are given 5-10 minutes to exchange their recorded top information and select the best 10-20 pieces of info. He then uploads this information to the laptop.

The Wiretapping Scandal and the Winners

Now all guests learn the spicy information of both spy organisations and the targets get their grand entrance. They are allowed to deliberate and decide by vote which secret service has collected the funniest and most exciting information. They are also free to decide that the contract killer is the big winner in the agent game.

Optionally, there is now a victory ceremony and the spy organisation or the contract killer gets a victory trophy as a memento.

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