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Review of Adventure Games Monochrome Inc.

14. March 2020 - Alexander Schmidt

Adventure Games Monochrome Inc. – Steal the Miraclous Medicine Called Rainbow | Review




You are an underworld gang of 4 crime professionals! In Adventure Games Monochrome Inc., you are tasked by a mysterious man named Ovin to enter the Monochrome Inc. research lab and steal the formula of a top-secret miracle medicine called “Rainbow”….

Monochrome Inc. is a game from the “Adventure Games” series launched in 2019 by Kosmos Verlag, from which we have also previously played “Adventure Games The Dungeon“.

The gameplay of adventure games is a mix of elements from escape games, game books and classic point-and-click adventure games that have been around since the 1980s for PCs.

What The Monochrome Inc. is about and how we liked the game, you can find out here in our review. 🙂

Note on transparency: Kosmos-Verlag kindly sent us a free review copy. However, our review is not content-based and reflects our independent opinion.

Adventure Games Monochrome Inc. at a Glance

The Mission of the Adventure Games Monochrome Inc.

So that’s the mission…

  • Game type: Thinking game, Adventure game, Family game
  • Age: from 12 years
  • Players: 1 – 4 players
  • Duration: 3 x 90 minutes (3 chapters)
  • Publisher: Kosmos
  • Game author: Matthew Dunstan, Phil Walker Harding
  • Illustrations: Maximilian Schell
  • Year of publication: 2019
  • Game objective: By exploring rooms, tactically combining objects, solving puzzles and good teamwork, get hold of the formula for the miracle medicine “Rainbow” and other important information.
Kosmos 695132 - Adventure Games - Die Monochrome AG. Entdeckt die Story Kooperatives Gesellschaftsspiel
Kosmos 695132 - Adventure Games - Die Monochrome AG. Entdeckt die Story Kooperatives Gesellschaftsspiel
Thriller: Spannend bis zum letzten Spielzug.; Spielmechanismus wie ein PC-Spiel – aber als Brettspiel!
12,49 EUR Amazon Prime

Adventure Games Monochrome Inc. in Detail

At the beginning only the ground floor of the Monochrome Inc. is accessible

At the beginning only the ground floor of the Monochrome Inc. is accessible

While the Adventure Game The Dungeon is for players aged 12 and up, Monochrome Inc. is for players aged 16 and up, which can also be seen in the fact that the story is aimed more at adults and the level of difficulty is higher.

All adventure games consist of 3 chapters, and it takes about 90 minutes to play one chapter. While we had played “The Dungeon” over three evenings, we started with Monochrome Inc. on a Sunday afternoon and then played it all the way through, progressing faster and faster.

On the one hand, this was because we were deeply immersed in the story and on the other hand, at some point we had internalised the gameplay so much that we were faster in executing the moves.

This time we played Monochrome Inc. in pairs, each of us taking on 2 of the 4 characters, so we played as if there were 4 of us, which worked very well. In general, however, it is the case with adventure games that you work closely together as a team and basically always make decisions together on how to proceed. In our opinion, that’s the most fun! 😉

The Scenario

Character in the Adventure Games Monochrome Inc.

4 characters in the Adventure Game Monochrome Inc.

In  Monochrome  Inc. you play 4 characters who together form a highly professional gang of criminals: Chiu the con artist, John the fence, Alva the hacker and Ramon the burglar.

So we are this gang and one day a mysterious package with no address or sender is left on our doorstep. Contents: 4 VR data glasses and the laconic note: “Put them on”!

As we comply with the request, a voice introducing itself as Ovin explains our mission: using fake employee IDs, we are to penetrate the state-of-the-art research complex of Monochrome Inc..

The goal: to steal as much information as possible about a miracle medicine allegedly developed there called “Rainbow”, ideally even the formula for it. Rainbow is said not only to increase mental and physical performance enormously, but also to accelerate wound healing!

No sooner said than done! Starting from the ground floor and equipped with our various special abilities, we explore the high-rise building of Monochrome Inc. and set off in search of “Rainbow”…

Game Material and Preparation

We play the Adventure Games Monochrome Inc. with explanatory app

Practical: the KOSMOS explanatory app guides us through the game

Similar to the other adventure games, the game material of Monochrome Inc.. mainly consists of cards. These are divided into 110 adventure cards and 19 level cards, of which only one is available at the beginning, representing the entrance or ground floor of the Monochrome AG.

There are also 4 game pieces and an adventure book, as well as 2 zip bags and a game manual.

You can either read the story sections in the included adventure book or have them read aloud by professional narrators using the KOSMOS explanation app, which we did this time and highly recommend, as it helps immerse you in the world of the game and you don’t have to leaf through and read aloud as much yourself.

Gameplay for the Adventure Game Monochrome Inc.

Combining items in the Adventure Games Monochrome Inc.

Items can be combined to create new ones

The gameplay, which is based on point-and-click adventures, is hardly any different from that in “The Dungeon”, where we described it in detail.

A special feature at Monochrome Inc. are the lifts: own lift tickets with which you can move back and forth between the floors. It is also very interesting that you can also “discover” new parts of the building as the game progresses and that some floors change through actions, which means that you change the level card.

Review and Conclusion


Total Grade

Pro and Con

We were quickly captivated by the Adventure Game Monochrome Inc.. At first we had planned to play only the first of 3 chapters, but then we were so into the story that we played through the game in one go.

The stylish illustrations on the cards and the professional narrator voices from the KOSMOS app contribute significantly to immersing you in the exciting story and giving you a real adrenaline rush when, for example, the alarm level for the group rises, which can always happen if you make a mistake.

Another cool feature is that there are several possible endings to the game, depending on the choices you make at the end.

For Whom Is Adventure Games Monochrome Inc. Worthwhile?

Adventure Game Alarm Level

When the alarm level rises, danger is imminent

This adventure game is for children over 16 and the tasks to be solved are a bit more demanding than The Dungeon. The latter is therefore more suitable for families with younger children, while Monochrome Inc. is ideal for older teenagers and adults.

In general, the adventure games are just right for everyone who likes cooperative games and story-heavy or plot-driven adventure games.


A cooperative adventure game revolving around a gang that enters a futuristic medical lab. Exciting, original, at times funny and absolutely recommended!

Want more game tips? While you’re reading here, have a browse through Abenteuer Freundschaft and discover numerous leisure time ideas, e.g. for activities with children, with your partner or with friends. 😉

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Kosmos 695132 - Adventure Games - Die Monochrome AG. Entdeckt die Story Kooperatives Gesellschaftsspiel
Kosmos 695132 - Adventure Games - Die Monochrome AG. Entdeckt die Story Kooperatives Gesellschaftsspiel
Thriller: Spannend bis zum letzten Spielzug.; Spielmechanismus wie ein PC-Spiel – aber als Brettspiel!
12,49 EUR Amazon Prime
Kosmos 695088 Adventure Games - Das Verlies - Entdeckt die Story, Gesellschaftsspiel
Kosmos 695088 Adventure Games - Das Verlies - Entdeckt die Story, Gesellschaftsspiel
Spannend bis zum letzten Spielzug.; Spielmechanismus wie ein Adventure PC-Spiel – aber als Brettspiel!
12,79 EUR Amazon Prime

*Your trust is very important to us. This post contains so-called referral links. This means that if you order a product through it, we receive a small sales commission. However, this does not change the price.


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