24 Advent calendar quotes that are meant to inspire and are funny

9. November 2019 - Anika Semmer

24 Advent Calendar Quotes, That Put a Smile on Your Face




Really good Advent calendar quotes make me spontaneously laugh and provide moments of inspiration. After days of browsing the internet and books, these are my 24 best sayings and quotes for Advent calendars.

Let’s get one thing straight: Too old for an Advent calendar – there’s no such thing! At some point you replace the chocolate with mini spirits and silly sayings and at the latest beyond 30 with meaningful sayings. Dang!

Every year I make at least one Advent calendar. My ambitious goal: I’ve never made an advent calendar twice! For my premiere this year, I rummaged through the internet and books to find really good Advent calender quotes. I am convinced: Humor is the spice of life! Or as a great man once said. “Humor is one of the best garments a man can wear in company.” (William Shakespeare)

So it was immediately clear, twelve of my quotes for Advent calendars have to be funny, but not stupid (okay, tastes differ on that, as we all know).

The other twelve sayings should inspire and fit to the contemplative Advent Maximum meaningfulness, profundity coupled with pointed humor – doors open for my top 24 Advent calendar quotes.

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12 Funny Advent Calendar Quotes and Sayings

  1. I’ve never tried this before. So I’m totally confident that I can do it. – Pippi Longstocking
  2. Dear cookies, those aren’t love handles. That’s external storage for more belly flab. PS: Chocolate expands your bacon drum. – Internet Find
  3. December. Christmas finale. Do my dark circles stand out badly? Gross! The panda can talk! – gofeminin
  4. A happy fart never comes out of a sad ass. – Martin Luther
  5. There is something peculiar about Christmas: when else would you be sitting in front of a dead tree, nibbling candy out of a sock? Willy Meurer
  6. You can’t wrap the best gifts in wrapping paper. Love, family, friends, laughter, health, happiness. – Internetfundstück
  7. In this cold weather, you have to think carefully about the expression on your face when you go outside. It will stay that way. – Internetfundstück
  8. This is the seventh time my mother-in-law has come to visit for Christmas. This time, I think we’ll let her in.” – Woody Allen
  9. People say NOTHING is impossible. But I do NOTHING every day. – Winnie the Pooh
  10. The contemplative days between Christmas and New Year have already brought some around the reflection. – Joachim Ringelnatz
  11. Christmas is when the hearts overflow – and the trash cans! Werner Mitsch
  12. The youth of today love luxury, have bad manners and despise authority. They contradict their parents, cross their legs and bully their teachers. – Socrates (469 to 399 BC)

12 Inspirational Sayings for Advent Calendars

  1. The most beautiful thing we can experience is mystery. Albert Einstein
  2. If you can dream it, you can do it. – Walt Disney
  3. Paths are made by walking them. Franz Kafka
  4. Joy can only be fully savored when another joins in the joy – Mark Twain
  5. Our true task is to be happy. Dalai Lama
  6. The most beautiful joy is always experienced where you least expected it. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  7. The most beautiful times in life are the small moments when you feel you are in the right place at the right time. Unknown
  8. Always remember that there is only one important time: Today. Here. Now. Leo Tolstoy
  9. Never forget what you are, neither does the rest of the world. Wear it like armor, then it can never be used to hurt you. Tyrion, Game of Thrones
  10. One drop of love is more than an ocean of understanding. Blaise Pascal
  11. A pious spell holds me again, adoring, marveling I must stand; a golden child’s dream descends on my eyelids, I feel it – a miracle has happened. Thodor Storm
  12. The secret of Christmas is that in our search for the great and extraordinary, we are pointed to the inconspicuous and small – Unknown

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